Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alastair Heseltine's "Salix Iterum" willow sculpture, 'Touch Wood Sculpture Exhibition', VanDusen Gardens

Salix Iterum

Touch Wood Sculpture Exhibition at the VanDusen Gardens – June 20 – Sept 30, 2013.
Working on Master Weaver, Alastair Heseltine’s massive willow sculpture in the VanDusen Gardens was the highlight of my summer. 

Alastair’s sculpture was based on the Fibonacci Scale (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.), each new number being the addition of the previous 2 numbers.  We wove sections of willow according to these numbers that also link in with the idea of the mathematics found in nature through the Golden Ratio.  

Alastair Heseltine http://www.alastairheseltine.com/  and Ken Clarke  http://hungrythumbs.com/ were the core and key components for the heavier weaving and erecting of the sculpture.  Although I was in a volunteer capacity I was constant and consistent in my participation and eventually was able to instruct others in the weaving procedure.

Salix Iterum (Repeating Willow) is part of the ‘Touch Wood’ exhibition that ends on September 30th but it will remain on site for 18 months, depending on how it survives the winter elements.  The eventual intention is for the sculpture to be composted back into the earth.

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